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Lichen Planus 240 Herbal Supplements Tablets

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Swelling appears on skin with shiny red pimples that may contain puss. Pimples can cover any area of body and in side of mouth, pimples on body are of red colour and pimples in mouth gives white and grayish shade. They are painful and irritating. Sometimes the shape of finger nails and toe nails can be changed. Some people think that it is transferable but they are wrong because it cannot transfer.

Symptoms Of Lichen Planus
Skin may get hard.Little bumps of reddish purple colour appear on skin.
Mostly they appear on lower back, ankles and legs but can attack on any part of the body.
If bumps are on legs, then they can turn into darker shade. Sometimes when older bumps clear, new bumps may arise. Rough and scaly skin.Swelling. Bright red colour will appear on affected part.In mouth, gums may peel.

White dots and patches will appear in mouth.Condition of mouth and body will vary. In this situation, a patient can lose his or her nails temporarily and may be permanently in some cases. Nails may split in this disease.Nails may corrugated.

Red bumps may be noticeable on scalp and in result patients may lose their hairs, as a result a patchy area may left behind.Scalp will give irritating sensation.

If a person has exposed his or her skin to sun at extreme level, then there is chances of this disease, medically this type is named as lichenoid keratosis. 

Musocal lichen palnus 
This type mainly affects musocal surfaces, due to this type patient will feel difficulty and pain while swallowing food.

Oral lichen planus 
It is a form of musocal lichen planus, which involoves the oral musoca and the lines in the mouth. It may appears with white papules and sometimes it looks like spider web in shape.

Causes Of Lichen Planus
Dermatologists are not sure about causes yet, but some situations are still taken as causes.
Sometimes any dental product can be a cause of this disease.

Any medicine that a patient is taking for any disease can contribute in this disease.
In rare cases, metal filling in mouth can cause this disease.

If a patient is suffering hepatitis B and C, then there is chances of lichen planus, although chances are low but still present.

According to a research, there is a type of lichen planus which is known as familial bullous lichen planus, Unlike others this type can run in families.

How to take them ?
Take 2 tablets after lunch and two tablets before going to bed at night.
How much time they take to provide relief ?
They can take two weeks to heal the affected part, but if the condition of the patient is worse, then time can increase to one month.


Natural Ingredients Are

Swertia chirata, linn  7 mg
Rheum Rhabarbarum 41.8 mg
Indian Olibanum Tree 16.3 mg
Torchwood Tree 12.3 mg
Ginger 16.3 mg
Operculina turpelthum 142.5 mg
Scammony 38 mg
zizyphus Vulgaris, Lamk 20 mg


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Lichen Planus 240 Herbal Supplements Tablets

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