Sun Rays Vitiligo Re-Pigmentation Lotion 160 ml

Sun Rays Vitiligo Re-Pigmentation Lotion 160 ml

Sun Rays Vitiligo Re-pigmentation Lotion 80 ml single pack you will receive 2 packs

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Sun Rays Vitiligo Re-pigmentation Lotion 80 ml single pack you will receive 2 packs

What is Vitiligo?


Vitiligo is a skin disorder caused due to de-pigmentation which forms white patches on the skin. Vitiligo can be of two types, Segmental and Non-Segmental Vitiligo. Excessive exposure to sunlight is a major reason how Vitiligo is caused however there is no scientific evidence to support the hypothesis. White patches formed as a result of Vitiligo remain the same throughout the individual’s life. Certain remedies can be used to decrease the visibility of the spots however one should remember that they cannot be fully erased.

How is it caused?

Some theories suggest that a dysfunctioning of the nervous system produces a substance which causes interruption in the formation of new melanocytes. On the other hand, it is also believed that melanocytes may face self destruction thereby releasing harmful substances which then destroy other pigment cells as well. Besides these very critical phenomena, Vitiligo is also known to be formed by exposure to certain chemicals such as the phenols used in photography.

Symptoms of the Disease

The course of Vitiligo is difficult to predict. Moreover, in the early stages just by seeing it, one cannot tell if the individual is affected or not. Here are some of the symptoms that may lead to Vitiligo, however; a physician or a dermatologist can help you better.

  • Pigment loss causing milky white patches

  • Early graying or whitening of the hair, eyelashes and eye brows

  • Mucous membranes losing color

  • Retina of the eye losing color

When to see the doctor?

If the above symptoms come out to be true, it is time you should consult the doctor. Furthermore, if you are aware of a positive medical history in your family regarding Vitilgo, there is susceptibility you are actually having Vitiligo. Also when you have been diagnosed with the disorder and looking for an effective , do not start one until your doctor has prescribed you a different method.

It’s very important that during the condition, you understand your skin and its sensitivity. Therefore using any inappropriate products could lead to worsening of the white patches.

Usage Instruction

The lotion needs to be applied to the Vitiligo affected areas and stay on direct sun light just 3 to 5 minutes daily. Massage the white patches using the lotion and once it is applied ensure that it does not come in contact with water for about 5-6 hours. In order to see better results, apply the lotion for over a month.



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