Anti Vitiligo Oil 300 ml Official Seller

Anti Vitiligo Oil 300 ml  Official Seller

For 3 to 4 vitiligo spots approximately

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Anti Vitiligo Oil 300 ml  Official Seller 

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What is vitiligo?
It is a disease in which patients lose their skin pigments, as they lose pigments white spots appear on their skin and make their skin patchy.

Vitiligo directly affects the beauty of the patient and it is a common phenomenon that people usually admire good looking people, So when patients of vitiligo try to socialize, they have to face difficulties. Children may get the victim of complex.

Symptoms Of Vitiligo
White spots usually appear around eyes and nostrils.
Patient may feel changes in his or her mood and can go into depression.
It is possible that skin converts into milky white colour before appearance of patches.
Blood circulation may increase and in result it may give red colour to patient's skin.
Itchy skin.

Causes Of Vitiligo
Any disorder in immune system.
Avoiding exercise in daily routine.
Sun burn.
Inefficiency of thyroid gland.

What is Anti Vitiligo Oil?
Antivitiligo oil includes natural herbs and any patient can try this because it is free from any discrimination in age and gender.


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