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Sometimes people feel some part of their skin hard and rough, and may that area slightly grow in the shape of cauliflower, such small growth medically known as wart. Some warts are harmless and some may prove harmful.

Symptoms Of WartS?

A patient can take a signal of wart, if he or she has hard and rough skin with growth.
Initially patient may not feel any pain on the place of wart.
They may disappear by themselve within one or two weeks.
Usually hit the hands and feet.

Causes Of Warts

A viral infection or dirty enviornment.
Wearing shoes, sandals,socks and gloves of affected person may cause wart.
Human papilloma virus (HPV) plays a vital role in the appearance of wart.
Warts can be differ because there is not only one type of Human papilloma virus. Types of warts are many due to the different types of HPV.

Types Of Warts

Warts which affects mostly hands are known as common warts but it is not specific because they can affect other parts of body also. Such warts usually painless.

Sometimes patient has to suffer lot of warts, these warts are not very rough and usually appears on hands, knees, neck and face. Such warts generally known as flat warts but have different term in medical. Their medical name is Verucca Plana.

Warts which attacks on the sole of feet commonly known as Mosaic wart.
Sometimes a wart gets so painful, specially when patient puts pressure on it. This wart is called Plantar wart and appears on the soles and thumb of the feet mostly.



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