Seborrhea Dermatitis Natural Cream

Seborrhea Dermatitis Natural Cream

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In this disease skin becomes patchy red and gives itchy sensation. Scalp and face are affected more due to this disease. Skin lose its order and gives patchy look because sebaceous glands affected in this disease.

Symptoms Of Seborrhoeic Dermatitis
Adults or adolescents may feel their scalp scaling just like dandruff.Upper back and chest can also be a victim of this disease. Initially skin gives yellowish look and sometimes white or grayish look may appear. Thick crusts on the scalp are also sign of this disease.
Patient may lose their hairs in some cases.

Itching and soreness can disturb the patient.Sometimes when situation get worse then pimples of yellow or red colour may appear on any part of the skin specially eyebrows, ear canal, upper back and chest affected in such matter. Infants who are younger than three months can also suffer this disease, they may not feel itchy but their skin will give thick and oily look and may be yellowish crust appear on the skin. In infants diaper rash can give a push to scalp rash.

Causes Of Seborrhoeic Dermatitis
weak immune system.Not including specific nutrients in daily diet. Specially lack of zinc can cause this diet. Any problems in nervous system. A yeast named as Malassezia known as the reason of this reason but not yet proved.Rsearch shows that some species are discovered on the scalp named as Malassezia globosa and Malassezia furfur that may causes this disease.

Sebum in the skin hydrolized due to Malassezia and in result release both fatty acids, saturated and unsaturated. Saturated fatty acids taken by them and only unsaturated fatty acids left behind. These unsaturated fatty acids breach the function of skin's barrier and in result produces itchiness and irritation on skin which causes seborrhoeic dermatitis. Genes can be a reason of this disease.Disturbance in harmones. less sleeping time.Enviornmental and seasonal changes.

Excess of vitamin A in body and lack of other vitamins can cause this disease in children.
Trying anti seborrhoeic dermatitis can give effective results.

How to use it ?
Apply cream smoothly on affected parts with clean hands.


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