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What is scabies
Scabies is name of disease in which patient feels itichy skin and in result small marks appear on patient's skin which looks like mosquito bites. It is basically an infection and generally known as allergy. Scabies can attack people with any gender and age.

Symptoms Of Scabies
Small red marks are basic sign of scabies. patients feel their skin very itchy and may feel helpless to stop themselve from rubbing the skin. Sensation of itchy skin may increase at night.
Children usually suffer more due to this disease. Rashes appear on the skin and usually spread on finger webs, feet, ventral wrists, elbows, back and buttocks. Crusted Scabies is also a type of scabies which attacks on HIV or Cancer patients and it start with slight itchiness and thick crusts of skin.

Causes Of Scabies
A parasite which is known as Sarcoptes Scabiei is basically a major reason of this disease. This parasite belongs to a family of mites and also known as scab mites. These mites spread very fastly, their eggs generate new mites and they prevails in host's body. Feeling of itchy skin increase with the movement of mites. If a person is in physical contact with the patient, then he or she may aslo has to suffer this disease beacuse it is easily transferable.


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