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It is a chronic condition of skin in which a little extra growth is noticeable on skin which is normally of red colour. When blood vessels dilated then small growth appears on that part of skin. It can attack all people and gender but people of age between 30 to 50 have been seen more suffering this disease. More on this disease is three times common in females.

Symptoms Of ROSACEA
Initially it is noticeable on cheeks, forehead or nose but can also seen on other parts of body like neck, scalp and chest.
Affected part will start turning its colour into red.

It has been sub divided into four types.
Erythematotelangieactatic Rosacea is the type which affects mostly sensitive skin. In this type redness on skin is permanent and open wide blood vessels may be easily noticeable under the skin. In this type of rosacea itchy feeling comes.

Papulopustular rosacea contains pus in red bumps, some people confuse it with acne because of the shape and pus but it is not acne. It can be healed early within a week.

Phymatous rosacea, in this type skin will get thick and irregular and enlargement may occur.
Ocular rosacea majorly includes eyes and eyelids, but can affect other parts also. Skin may get gritty in this type. Itichy and burning feelings can disturb patient in Ocular rosacea.

Causes are not certain yet. But svere sun burn and extreme temperature are the main reasons of this disease.
enviornment full of heat can cause this disease.
Stress and anxiety.
Use of excessive alcohol can also be a reason.
Spicy food.

Patients can try anti rosacea cream for this disease.
How to use it ?
Applying little cream can give better results.


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