RING WORM Natural Cream

RING WORM Natural Cream

Cure Herbals natural herbal formula for all type of ring worm

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The word ringworm is used commonly by general public beacuse the common thinking among people is, this disease is caused by worm but it is a wrong a perception. Clinically this disease is known as Dermatophytosis which is derived from the word dermatophytes which is a parasitic infection. A fungi attacks on skin and in result skin gets red in the shape of ring, it can appear on outer layer of skin, nails and scalp. This infection is common in mammals, such as human beings, cats, cow and sheep etc.

Symptoms Of Ringworm

Skin may give itchy feeling.
Ringworm will appear in the shape of ring.
Affected area will turn its colour into red.
It can attack more in summers.
Skin may get thick and dry and if ringworm attacks between fingers, then it may have open sores.
If a person notice rashes in round form then it can be a sign of ringworm.
Causes Of Ringworm
A fungus is known as main cause of this infection.
It prevails more in moisty areas.
If a person share his or her towel or clothes with affected person, then there is huge chances of spreading this infection.

It can transfer through touching or through long physical contact.
Fungi silently enter into keratin ( a protein in outer layer of skin ) and then causes itchiness.
Walking barefooted on beach or somewhere else can cause this infection.
Ringworm is classified with respect of the parts of the skin.
If finger nails and toe nails affected then it would called Tinea Unguium.
If hands and palm are affected, it is medically known as Tinea Manuum.
If hairs are victim of ringworm, it is known as Tinea barbae.

Why it is effective ?
It is effective because it avoids including chemicals, it is based on herbs thats why it will give result without any side effect.
How to use this cream?
A small amount is enough for affected area. Gently apply this cream with fingers.
How much time it will take to give results ?
Cream will affect immidiately, it will kill fungus and itchiness within 5 days.


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