Benign Essential Herbal Supplements

Benign Essential Herbal Supplements

Benign Essential Herbal Supplements  Tablets Quantity 240

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It is a condition in which patient loses his or her control on their body movements. Sometimes a part of patient's body starts shivering or walk of patient becomes unsteady. Due to this disease, personality of patient affects badly.

Symptoms Of Essential Tremor
Parts of body starts shivering any time and any where.
It can bearable in start but with the passage of time, condition of patient can get worse and unbearable.
Voice can also shake in essential tremor.

Sometimes hearing sense can also affects badly, in svere cases patient can loss hearing.
Even when patient is doing rest, he or she cannot control body movements.
Extreme tiredness can also be a sign of essential tremor.
Emotional stress.
People of age 40 or above suffer this disease more.

Causes Of Essential Tremor
Some patients get this disease genetically.
There can be some chemical changes occur in brain which can play a part in essential tremor, such chemical changes are hard to identify.
If purkinje synapses impaired, it can cause essential tremor.
Enviornmental changes or some enviornmental factors can cause this disease.
Research also co-relates migrain headaches with essential tremor.

Some people think that essential tremor can increase the risk of Parkinson's disease but it is just a myth.
Anxiety and depression can be major reasons of this disease.

Which timing is suitable to take these supplements ?

Take two tablets just after lunch and two tablets before sleeping at night.

natural ingredients.

Safed Musli 12.44 mg
Liliaceae 12.44 mg
Butea Gum Tree 12.44 mg
Cowhage 12.44 mg
Tamarind 12.44 mg
Country Mallow 12.44 mg
Puncture Vine 12.44 mg
Hygrophila Spinosa 12.44 mg
Desert Horsepurslane 12.44 mg
Curcuglio Golden Eye Grass 12.44 mg
Sweet Indrajao 12.44 mg
Egg Shell Calcium 3.11 mg


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